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The North station (Estació del nord)

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Situated along Spain’s east coast, Valencia is the country’s third largest city and one of its most popular tourist destinations. Visitors planning a trip to Valencia will find that the city is well-connected by road to Spain’s other major cities, including Barcelona and Madrid. Valencia Airport – located five miles west of the city center – connects with a number of European cities, but those traveling from further afield may need to organize a connecting flight from Barcelona or Madrid. The city is also a popular stop on a number of Mediterranean cruises.

The streets of Valencia are rich in heritage, featuring a wide array of classical buildings that are awe-inspiring, not to mention providing perfect photo opportunities. Valencia Cathedral is one of the city’s most distinctive landmarks, having stood since the 13th century. It is here that many believe the true Holy Grail to reside. As such, it is a popular site with traveling Christians.

Other impressive buildings and landmarks on display in the city include the Silk Exchange Market, a UNESCO World Heritage Site; San Juan del Hospital, a 15th century hospital; and the Serranos Towers, a huge gothic gateway that once marked the entrance to Valencia.

Valencia trip planning isn’t just about seeking out these ancient structures. The city also has a modern side to it. The Valencia Bioparc is a modern-thinking zoo that does not use cages to house its animals. Instead, a series of natural barriers have been created to keep dangerous animals from the general public. Meanwhile, animals are left to mingle with other species as they would in the wild. As well as the Bioparc, the Valencia Aquarium – located in the uniquely designed City of Arts and Science – also offers visitors a great chance to see wildlife close up. Families visiting the area are heartily recommended to take in both.

Of course, Valencia’s location on Spain’s Mediterranean coast makes it an ideal destination for those looking to relax beneath the sun’s rays. The city’s central beach, El Cabanya, offers perfect sands and waters, as do many of the other beaches that stretch along this part of the coastline.

Meanwhile, the city is home to some of the best shopping in Spain as well as fine cuisine.

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