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painted cows in Gruyère, Switzerland

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Located in the west of Switzerland, close to the French border, Geneva provides visitors with a tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy a vacation break, despite the city’s financial and diplomatic prominence.
Geneva International Airport is located right on the French-Swiss border, just a few miles from the city center. It caters for both budget and conventional airlines, and is therefore readily accessible.
Those planning a trip to Geneva can also reach the city by road or rail from across Europe, with the likes of Lyon (France), Torino (Italy) and Zurich (Switzerland) all less than three hours away.
The city is home to a number of historical buildings which offer an array of architectural designs. Popular places to visit include St. Peter’s Cathedral, Notre-Dame Church, and the Russian Orthodox Church. The old town of Geneva is popular with those looking to spend an afternoon meandering at their own pace.
One of Geneva’s most popular tourist attractions is the Jet d’Eau, a water jet that shoots its spray 140 meters into the air. The water fountain can be found on Lake Geneva, another of the city’s most admired attractions. Boat trips on the lakes and walks along its shores are prevalent, while a number of tours visit the two islands found on the expansive lake.Boat tours are also available for those wishing to enjoy the River Rhone, which passes through Lake Geneva.
Back on dry land, Geneva is home to a large number of museums and art galleries, as well as botanical gardens and parks, all of which are ideal destinations to spend a few hours. When planning a trip to Geneva, visitors should make sure they spot by Jardin Anglais (English Garden) to see the famed flower clock.
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