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Zurich is located in the north of Switzerland, less than 30 kilometers from the German border. It is the largest city in the country. As well as being a European financial hub, the city also welcomes more than one million tourists each year, all of whom enjoy the relaxed feel of the city.
Those planning a Zurich trip will find that the city is accessible via road, rail, and air. Zurich Airport – located 12 kilometers from the city center – is Switzerland’s busiest airport, and serves flights from across Europe and beyond. The city’s railway stations not only depart for other Swiss cities and towns, but also make their way across Europe, with high-speed trains headed for the likes of France and Germany.
The city itself features Old World architecture, offering up plenty of picturesque buildings and attractions for visitors to enjoy. These include the cities three major churches: Grossmünster, Fraumünster, and St. Peter.
Zurich is home to an array of museums and art galleries. These include the Kunsthaus, which includes works by the likes of Munch and Lipchitz; the Rietberg Museum, which houses non-European art; the Uhrenmuseum Beyer, a museum dedicated to timepieces, of which the Swiss are famous for; the Swiss National Museum; and a museum dedicated entirely to trams.
Those putting together a Zurich trip plan should not neglect to schedule in some time for a wander in one of the city’s parks, be it the Botanical Gardens, the Chinese Gardens, or any other. Younger visitors may enjoy a trip to the city’s zoo also.
The city sits on the banks of Lake Zurich, which makes for an excellent backdrop against which to enjoy a stroll. Be sure also to take in Lindenhof, which as well as offering some interesting Roman ruins, also provides some of the best views of Zurich and beyond.
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