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Amsterdam city

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Amsterdam, the biggest city in Holland, offers its visitors a unique atmosphere. It contains a fascinating combination between a northern city built on dozens of thin water canals, luxurious architecture which flourished as far back as the 17th century, the wonderful art of historical masters such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and a unique life wisdom. All of these allow its residents to enjoy life, have a good time, listen to music at clubs, drink at excellent pubs and eat at great restaurants. All of these turn a visit to Amsterdam into a joyous experience.
Four leisurely days are solid and reasonable. During such a period, one may get to know the center of the city well and even venture out to a few more remote neighborhoods.
The canal area in the city center is the best area to stay in. In fact, Amsterdam has several areas which are enjoyable for accommodation. Several excellent hotels can be found around Vondel Park, and the location is very convenient. The Jordan neighborhood has become in recent years a pleasant and esteemed neighborhood, and it also includes some pleasant hotels.
Trolley cars are the cheapest and most convenient means of transport in the city center. If you wish to go farther, into more remote neighborhoods, the bus would be advisable. Taxis are relatively expensive and little-used. A subway operates in Amsterdam, but it doesn't serve visitors of the city center and may be ignored. 
Amsterdam is a northern city. Winter can be very cold, and even frozen. Spring (April-May) is the best time to visit the city. The blossoming of the tulips and other flowers is considered a true celebration to be seen in gardens and parks. Summer and fall are also good seasons to visit.
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