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Located along the Adriatic coast in northeast Italy, Venice is one of the world’s most famous cities for one simple reason; the entire city is built on a lagoon. The city is made up of a total of 117 individual islands with nearly 200 canals running between. The city’s canals and waterways, along with some stunning architecture, are definitely a sight to be seen.
Approximately 20 million people plan a trip to Venice every year. Some arrive at nearby Marco Polo International Airport and stay for a weekend or more. Most however, only visit for the day. About 18 million people annually take advantage of cruises and other tours making their way to the floating city.
Whether you’re in the city for a few hours or a few days, there is plenty to see. The city’s unique structure makes walking its streets an adventure, while the exquisitely designed buildings are something that simply can’t be missed.
Venice’s main attractions are Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. Doge’s Palace was home to Venice’s supreme ruler before the city became part of Italy. Today it serves as a museum. Visitors taking a tour of the palace can expect to cross the famed Bridge of Sighs. St. Mark’s Basilica was once the palace’s chapel, but today serves as the city’s cathedral. As with many of the city’s favored sites, both of these landmarks are located at the Piazza San Marco, Venice’s main square.
The city is also known for its many cafés, restaurants, and boutiques, all of which add to any stroll.
Of course, no Venice trip plan is complete without a gondola tour of the Grand Canal and the city’s other waterways. As you pass under any of the city’s 409 bridges, you’ll soon realize why Venice as a whole is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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