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Vienna Attractions

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The Austrian capital of Vienna is one of Europe’s premier tourist destinations. The city – which has existed for more than 2,500 years – features a wealth of historic landmarks that act as a magnet to visitors from across the globe. Located 12 miles outside of the city center, Vienna International Airport acts as the main entry point for the millions of visitors that plan a trip to Vienna every year. However, both road and rail links alongside its central location make the city readily accessible from just about anywhere in Europe. Buses, trains and taxis all offer convenient passage from the airport to the city’s hotels.

The cobbled stoned streets and historic landmarks of Vienna have seen the city designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amongst those landmarks that prove extremely popular with visitors are three individual palaces.

A former imperial palace, the Hofburg today serves a number of roles, including as a convention center and offices to the Austrian president. Located in the city center, parts of the palace date as far back as 1552. Located south of the Hofburg sitting amidst stylish French Gardens, the Belvedere Palace may not be as old – it dates back to 1723 – but it is equally as impressive. A stroll within its gardens or a tour of the magnificent artworks contained within is a good way to spend a Vienna afternoon. Schonbrunn, found southwest of central Vienna, is the city’s third palace, and an all-around popular tourist destination. Home to a zoo, Roman ruins and a theater, as well as the magnificent building itself, there is plenty to enjoy here.

In addition to these glorious palaces, Vienna is also home to more than 100 museums, covering a wide spectrum of topics. As well as traditional museums detailing Austrian history and the city’s past, visitors will find establishments devoted to subjects as diverse as undertakers, criminals, timepieces and Orson Welles’ classic film, The Third Man, which was filmed in the city.

Other popular attractions that appear on the itinerary of many Vienna trip plans include the Riesenrad Ferris wheel, the State Opera House, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hundertwasserhaus, a collection of colorful buildings with imbalanced architecture.

Amongst this diverse collection of landmarks and attractions, visitors will find a wide array of restaurants and cafés in which to enjoy the famed Austrian cuisine.

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