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Solin(Salona) Flickr by isawnyu

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Solin (Latin: Salona) is a town in Dalmatia, Croatia. It is situated 8 km (5 mi) northeast of Split, on the Adriatic Sea and the Jadro River. Solin developed on the location of ancient town of Salona which was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia and the birthplace of Emperor Diocletian.(...) (from Wikipedia).

A Roman city once boasting a population of 60,000 these days rests by the Adriatic a romantic ruin that reveals intoxicating insights into the history of Dalmatia.

Trip creator - yoel

Day 1 Park at the site and stroll around the ancient remnants and let your imagination wander to the days when Roman sandals once smoothed the streets. You can still make out the 18,000 seat amphitheater as well as Christian basilicas amongst the vines and vegetation. Then head for Split.