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Los Angeles - las Vegas - San Francisco Parks

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  • Grand Canyon Skywalk Wikipedia by Complexsimplellc
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    Days: 20
    Km: 3190
    Posted: 13/10/2014
    Updated: 12/03/2019
Types: Nature, Walking, Season

The target audience of this trip is the nature lovers. Within a short period of a 15 to 17 days you can enjoy the beautiful desert landscapes in the world. Grand Canyon, Zion Nation Park & Yosemite Nation Park, including the cities of Los Angeles, Las vegas & San Francisco. 
When to go to ?
Most of the sites listed on this trip you can go all year. Some of the roads are closed because of snow in the winter months from December to February (sometimes half of March). 
The best times are mid-February trip to May and mid-September to mid-November

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