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    Posted: 14/06/2012
    Updated: 14/06/2012
Types: Wine, Religion, Adults

                         Party/roadtrip 2012

A true story that just didn’t happened yet

The mission:

1.Landing in Amsterdam

2.Find space cookies and snacks for the trip

3.Look for Gal

4.Find the right direction ….again

5.Relax.. Take a deep breath it’s the cookie

6.Change the driver ASAP

7.Drink all kind of local beer we come across

8.Uri is parking the car


 10. Change the driver…I'm not too drunk

11.Eat all kind of meet we come across

12.look for Gal

13.Get to Bologna in time

14.Attend the wedding

15.Do this trip all over again  


                                              Coming Soon…

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